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Don’t Wait — Call Dentistry by Design in a Dental Emergency

Your smile is precious. From laugh lines around your eyes to pearly whites, it’s part of what makes you, you. So, every second matters when a dental disaster strikes, whether from injury, infection, or intense pain. What exactly constitutes a dental emergency? How do you know if it’s serious enough to visit the emergency dentist immediately? Here in Spring Hill, TN, Dr. Richard Robinette and his team at Dentistry by Design stand ready to answer the call for dental emergencies big and small. We want to ensure your smile comes first — whenever you need it.

Call (931) 391-3089 to schedule an emergency visit at Dentistry by Design at Spring Hill. Don’t hesitate to reach out in an emergency.

We offer a variety of emergency dentistry treatments at Dentistry By Design including root canals, repair of a loose or lost filling, and treatment of painful infections.

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What Are Dental Emergencies?

A dental emergency refers to any oral health issue that demands immediate attention from a professional. This includes severe toothaches, injuries that affect the mouth and jaws, or serious infections. Without fast diagnosis and treatment, permanent damage can occur, and symptoms may worsen. Dental emergencies should receive emergency dental care within 24 hours.

Examples of common dental emergencies include:

Is It a Dental Emergency or a Medical Emergency?

In some cases, it can be difficult to tell if mouth pain requires emergency medical care instead of emergency dental care. As your Spring Hill, TN emergency dentists, we want you to look for these red flags of a medical emergency:

When in doubt, call our office or your physician. Describe the symptoms in detail so we can determine whether it constitutes a dental or medical emergency. Time matters when it comes to minimizing complications, so don’t hesitate to ask for emergency help, even if you end up at the wrong place at first.

Making you comfortable and helping you heal are always our top priorities.

The Emergency Dental Care Process at Dentistry by Design

First, we gather crucial information about your emergency dental symptoms, health history, and dental records if we have them. Next, we determine whether we need to see you right away or if symptoms allow for a next-day appointment. 

Once you arrive for emergency dental care, we thoroughly examine the area of concern, order X-rays if necessary, and determine a diagnosis and treatment plan. Our state-of-the-art dental office offers digital X-rays for faster results. We also keep emergency dental supplies on hand so we can start easing your discomfort right away.

Common emergency dental treatments include:

Dental Emergency Aftercare

We craft custom at-home care instructions suited to your unique emergency dental situation. However, typical recommendations include:

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does emergency dental care cost?

Like medical ER visits, emergency dental care costs more than routine preventive visits due to the urgency and complexity. But exact prices depend on the treatment needed. 

Should I go to an emergency dentist for a chipped tooth?

It depends. Minor chips may just require smoothing. However, large chunks that expose the inner pulp require immediate care to prevent infection. Call us so we can take a look.

What if I get a tooth knocked out completely?

Retrieving and protecting the tooth gives you the best chance of replacing it. But don’t scrub it or remove attached tissues. Place it in milk and call your dentist right away for the next steps.

Are dental abscesses treatable on an emergency basis?

Absolutely. Your dentist will start by draining the infection and then remove any diseased pulp and surrounding tissues. From there, your dentist can rebuild and restore the tooth.

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Get Relief From Dental Disasters

We never take lightly anything that stands in the way of your brightest smile. From cracks and toothaches to infected gums, we’re ready around the clock to diagnose issues accurately and implement the perfect treatment plan. 

When dental emergencies strike, every minute matters. Call (931) 391-3089 right away or schedule an emergency visit through our website. We’re passionate about prompt, thoughtful emergency dental care so you can get back to smiling brightly.

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