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Dr. Robinette

Talks About Why Dental Implant Treatment Experience Matters

A Variety of Solutions To Restore Your Smile

Without a doubt, decaying or missing teeth can be stressful and embarrassing. No one wants to walk around feeling self-conscious about their smile. After all, smiling is supposed to be pleasant. For some people, the shame they feel over the appearance of their teeth is only made worse by the pain that they experience when trying to chew their food. Do you relate to this? Are you unhappy with your smile? Are you suffering from missing or damaged teeth? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we’re ready to help you regain your smile and improve the quality of your life.

tooth replacement options

We offer a comprehensive selection of corrective and tooth replacement options to suit your unique needs, which include:

implant supported dentures model

Implant-Supported Dentures

dental implant model

Dental Implants

Our team utilizes advanced technologies such as NDX nSequence®. This technology guides us through the placement of your full-mouth dental implants to ensure precision and accuracy. We follow All-on-X protocols, which means we can complete any necessary extractions, as well as placing your dental implants … all in one day! We also offer single dental implant placement for patients looking to replace a single tooth due to traumatic injury. We use only the top-quality materials, such as polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) for the provisionals and zirconia for the final placements, to give you a beautiful, natural smile.

dental implant model

Implant Restoration

While dental implants are the most long-lasting durable option for tooth replacement, sometimes they require restoration, due to trauma or poor oral hygiene. However, the good news is that we also offer implant restoration services to improve the longevity of your dental implants and keep your smile looking radiant.

Cost of Tooth Replacement

At Dentistry by Design in Spring Hill, TN, we know just how important your oral health is to your overall wellness and whole-body health. We cannot stress enough the transformative effects of a healthy smile. That is why we do our absolute best to provide you with affordable dental treatment. While the cost of tooth replacement and correction varies depending on your unique treatment plan, we are upfront with all costs and fees. We work with a variety of insurance providers including UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, Delta Dental, Humana and Cigna, and our team will file your claim on your behalf. We also work with some of the best third-party dental financing companies, such as LendingClub, CareCredit and Proceed Finance. Receive the quality dental care that you deserve from an experienced dentist in Spring Hill, TN. Contact us today to discuss the financial aspects of your new smile.

Tooth Replacement Solutions In Spring Hill, TN

The biggest mistake people make in terms of dental care is delaying their visit to the dentist due to fear or embarrassment. So many of our patients tell us that they wish they had come in for dental implants sooner. At Dentistry by Design, we have treated countless patients with missing, decaying or misaligned teeth. The greatest part about our job is watching people leave our office smiling proudly with a whole new lease on life. Don’t hesitate any longer! Delaying dental care only leads to more problems – some of them very serious! – later on down the road. Take back your confidence now! Let us help you improve your quality of life and restore your brilliant smile.

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