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"My Bone Mass Was Dissolving - Dr. Robinette Worked Magic With My Implant!"
My story is probably that I never had the most up-to-date dental care. I can really not say anything negative against my dentist at all. It’s just we were in a setting where if you had a tooth filled, you had your tooth filled and you went on. If you broke a tooth, you know, if you got it capped, that was great. But if you didn’t, you went on. When I did see Dr. Robinette, that’s when he said, “Well, you could probably use this. You probably would be better served with an implant. Did you know that with the way your teeth are right now, your bone mass is dissolving because there’s nothing to keep it, you know, around the other, the other teeth?” So, there are just really a lot of things I simply did not know that I should be taking care of.

So, there are just really a lot of things I simply did not know that I should be taking care of.

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Dr. Richard Robinette:

Levita came to me because she is the wife of my high school football coach. She came because I had placed some dental implants on her husband, and now, she had some missing teeth. So the first thing we did was to take out the teeth to socket preservation grafts and put three dental implants on the lower right side. We’re friends, and we’re just sitting around talking one day, and she said, “Well, I’ve got this bridge in the front that the dentist in Louisville put in.” She goes, “I’ve never liked this bridge.” She goes, “Can you do something about it?” I said, “Yes, we can make your whole front top look a whole lot better, but I can’t just replace the bridge. You have to let me, at least, go back to the canines.” So with Levita, we came in and we created a new smile.


I’m going to say he worked magic. And the reason I say that is because… And I’m not sure which tooth it was, I think it was one of the incisors — was never in my mouth. Even when I had like my teeth before I broke them. My permanent teeth had just come in. Even when I smiled, I didn’t have that even smile because I didn’t have two front teeth, two incisors. A broken tooth and a front tooth and incisor, and this incisor just never came in. So when he did this work, he put the other tooth in. So now, it looks symmetrical, when it never did before.

Dr. Richard Robinette:

Levita is a retired school teacher, retired counselor, and she would call me up all the time, in the beginning, saying, “So-and-so just recognize my smile.” She goes, “You don’t know how happy that makes me.” I mean you talked about the change in somebody’s self-esteem and changing their personality. These were probably the biggest changes I’ve ever seen in my whole career.


I am one of those people that if I know what’s going to happen, I can deal with it a lot better. So like, on the implant, the steps on doing that, you know, getting that completed from beginning to end and all the commercials you hear where people can do it in one day. And after having it done correctly, that’s not something you want to be done in one day if you want it to last. So I just have felt very comfortable and confident in every step that goes by. If somebody were to give me a sheet of paper and say, “Check the things that need improving,” I couldn’t check anything that needs improving. It’s just, it’s just a good experience from beginning to end.

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