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"My Teeth Were Discolored - My Crowns and Veneers Have Made Me Feel More Confident Now"

Hi, my name is Charlie. I have had crowns and veneers here at Dentistry by Design. Growing up as a child, I was a tetracycline victim. My siblings, I was the oldest out of five. They had nice white teeth, but mine was a little colored been to another dentist to see if I could get that work done. And he said I wasn’t a candidate so that about a year and a half I saw this place and I came in here and I told him that I had been to another dentist. He said I wasn’t a candidate but he said you are.

My self-esteem has risen and I feel more confident with business, with friendships, and all kinds of different relationships now.

Before After

Dr. Richard Robinette:

When Charlie first presented to us for dental treatment, his teeth were dark in color. He had a lot of erosion, it looked like he may be even sucking on lemons or some kind of fruit. And he said this wasn’t true, but it looked like it was an erosion. His teeth were also heavy worn[?]. He’s a self-employed man, he had flattened all his teeth down. Basically nubs[?] that were all dark color in color.


Dr. Robinette told me that I was a candidate and that he could take care of the issue and it was my buy and he told me that he could adjust my jaw and he did. And so we went from there.

Dr. Richard Robinette:

He was looking at a new start and what we originally did was we built him up in two-color filling material to see how he would function with that because he had worn his bite down so bad. We wanted to see if we put him in the tooth-colored filling material, would he be breaking the new teeth. He actually wore the tooth-colored fillings for several years we did the upper front six anterior teeth in about 2013 and then we did the lower six anterior teeth this year. We, as dentists went to take care of what needed to be done first. So, I always tell the patient I want to keep you out of pain. Okay, I want to keep you from getting into worse shape, you as the patient, what you want to do, is you want to take care of your smile first because that’s what you see. So, with Charlie, he didn’t have any issues that would get them in trouble. So we started with his front 12 teeth.


Since the work’s been done I’ve been very blessed and happy for the results and feel like that I can be myself and smile when I need to smile and sometimes smile when I don’t need to smile, but I feel comfortable in smiling and it’s just made me feel so much better. My self-esteem has risen and I feel more confident with business, with friendships, and all kinds of different relationships now.

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