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"Dr. Robinette Did My Sinus Lift Bone Graft And My Dental Implants - I Feel Like I Look More Young!"
Hi, my name is April and the dental procedure I had done here at Dr. Robinette is a full arch implant. Prior to coming here, I didn’t have any back teeth at all. All my back teeth had previously been pulled out so chewing was an issue, was a big problem for me since I don’t have any back teeth to chew. I dealt with it for a long time. It would just be tooth after tooth had to be pulled out. My gums were soft so it was very painful for me. So when I came here to Dr. Robinette’s office, we decided that doing the full implant across the top, which is be the most beneficial to me, because all of my gums were very sore. So it was painful to floss or do anything of that nature to even be able to keep up with my teeth as it was. So, when I came here we decided that was going to be the best move for me.

So it was painful to floss or do anything of that nature to even be able to keep up with my teeth as it was.

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Dr. Richard Robinette:

April came to me as a new patient. She came through dental marketing. She had just moved here from Pennsylvania. She had been to Aspen Dental in Pennsylvania and they encouraged her to go the all on four. And I asked her do you want to try to fix the teeth, do you want to get braces, you want to try to do with veneers, you want crown? And she said she didn’t want to go that way. And the last thing that she wanted on the face of the Earth was a denture. So she’s interested and the all-in X. Well, I told her I didn’t believe in all on four because all on four means none on three. I say you as the patient, you care about your restoration. You don’t care how many implants I put in. I said, so what we do is we have a global fee and we will put in the number of implants we think that you need. You don’t have to worry about the implants, we’ll take care of that, and then we’re going to create you a new smile.


I had some anxiety and some fear in regards to some of the things that had to happen in order for the procedure to be done. So I had to have a sinus lift, and I had to have bone grafting done. And I was very fearful of having that sinus lift. And so after talking to Dr. Robinette, he explained everything to me, made me feel very comfortable. And at that point in time, I decided that I was ready to proceed.

Dr. Richard Robinette:

What we did, we place the implants and we put her into a temporary restoration. So after it was time to permanently restore, what we did is then we got her a new restoration to see if she liked that. She liked the second restoration. We had it converted into [inaudible] and we inserted it and we gave her a mirror. I mean you thought we had a new person sitting in front of us. Once we gave her new restoration, April is all smiles.


The look I was going for was to get rid of the bone lost look which made me look and you know feel older. So with having the full look, I feel like I look more young and my face looks more proportions. Now, it’s exciting when I felt the first ones in because they were so much different than having the temporaries in. They were so much whiter, you get to pick what color you want. So there’s different shades, whatever color you decide you want to go with. And just seeing them for the first time being so bright and white and you know a full set, all straight was just mind-blowing to me. I’d like to thank everybody here at Dentistry by Design. I think they’ve done a great job.

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