The Details Are in the Design
  • The staff are welcoming, professional, and kind. I will refer anyone to them. The atmosphere of the place makes you relaxed.

    - L.J.

  • The whole staff is very friendly and experienced. I am always treated great. Dr Robinette is the best!!

    - J.P.

  • I am incredibly impressed by Dr. Rick Robinette, his staff, and his up-to-date office. My first experience was to have implants of missing molars. The procedure DID include a bone graft. Dr. Robinette explained what was involved. Since the completion, I have had zero problems. My personal anxiety level is directly related to my knowledge of what is going on--he kept me apprised throughout the procedures of what he was doing. I did not experience discomfort at any time.

    It was my greatest pleasure to meet two other patients from his practice and was taken by their beautiful teeth and smiles. As a youngster I had broken my front teeth by slamming my mouth into a concrete wall. That was in 1958 and my teeth were repaired (capped) and eventually replaced (bridge), but they were never pretty. Denistry has come a long way since then. I was able to have crowns and bridges updated, but never knew you could really have "pretty" teeth again. When Dr. Robinette explained what the other two ladies had had done, I was hopeful. I had a smile but it was discolored and uneven. I was even satisfied until I saw the other's "smiles".

    After further consultation with Dr. Robinette, my husband and I opted for a New Smile for me! I LOVE IT!!! For the first time since I was 8, I had a beautiful smile.

    I cannot tell you the positive change in self-esteem new teeth have allowed me to experience. It has been worth every penny. There is a huge difference between having teeth repaired after an injury to serve their practical purpose of chewing, talking and maintaining one's facial shape, even "bridging the gap" of missing teeth, but there is even a greater satisfaction having gone through dental work and having a beautiful, quality smile.

    Every time (AND THE TIMES HAVE BEEN NUMEROUS) that someone comments on my teeth and smile, I thank Dr. Robinette for his skill and expertise in the field of Cosmetic Denistry. Dr. Robinette, THANK YOU!

    - L.H.

  • The staff are very helpful, knowledgeable, respectful and all ways listen to my concerns carefully. The Dr. always wants to know how I'm doing and asks do I have any concerns for him. I'm really glad I chose to change dentists and come to Dentistry By Design.

    - W.S.

  • You won't find a better dentist in Spring Hill. Latest and greatest equipment and Dr. Robinette is the best for trying to make you as comfortable as possible. I have had a few root canals and they are never fun but Dr Robinette takes good care of his patients. He's busy but that means he is good at his job and in demand. His staff is great and teeth cleanings are a done with the latest tools and experience. Highly recommended.

    - E.M.

  • I have always had good experiences at this office. Their care and compassion for dental anxieties is outstanding and they are very flexible with scheduling and needs. Much appreciated!

    Great visit for a routine cleaning today! From the office staff to Lori to Dr. Robinette...all very polite, professional, efficient, and compassionate. Great place!

    - B.M.

  • We were referred to Dr. Robinette by a friend, and haven't been disappointed. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional, a true craftsman of his trade. His staff is friendly and everyone makes sure your experience is nice. Dr. Robinette has been working to correct mistakes made by a former dentist and it's quite the project. He explains everything in detail so you can understand whats happening. His Insurance and Billing person, Melissa, is just as wonderful. She is knowledgeable, accurate, thorough, and as informative as you could ask for. Together, the team there makes what is a nerve wracking experience, much more tolerable. We love them and can't wait until our oldest son graduates from a pediatric dentist to his office.

    - L.G.